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These prescription safety glasses bring together the balance of defective vision with eye protection to guard against mechanical, chemical and/or optical factors. The lenses of prescription safety glasses are made in such a way that they guarantee greater breaking strength (EN 166) than that of conventional lenses. In addition to this, the frame (EN 166) is aligned with the requirements of the respective workplace, for example, with a particularly wide field of vision and/or a splash guard. Apart from the purely safety-based considerations, comfort has also been taken into account. If the frame sits nicely and comfortably, the safety eyewear will be worn all the more willingly by the wearer. The interaction between safety and the corrective effect can work optimally.

The person in charge of safety chooses the appropriate prescription safety glasses together with the employees and/or the PPE specialists, as a supplement to the personal protective equipment (PPE). The focus in this decision process is providing optimum protection along with the personal requirements and fulfilling the conditions of the daily tasks. It is essential that the prescription safety glasses are tested together with the glass and frame. This is the only way of ensuring that the safety eyewear can be used in the required strength class.

International studies* confirm that for every euro invested in personal protective equipment there is a return of factor 2.2. Investments in highquality vision protection equipment are worth multiple returns. Because 80% of our sensory receptions are supported by our vision.

* Study “Return on Prevention”, International Social Security Association (ISSA), and “Socioeconomic costs of work-related accidents and illnesses”, benefits of Occupational Safety and Health (benOSH).

Two ways to get your goggles

Directly from the optician
Whether it is at work or while doing DIY at home, the risk of injuring your eyes in an accident can be reduced to practically zero through the proper and consistent use of safety eyewear. That is why at Unico Graber apply to the subject of eye protection. UNICOindividual offers you personal advice from an optician. For more information please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From PPE specialists
Being prudent in practice is the be-all and endall in eye protection. With UNICOindustry, your Industry Partner works together with you to find the right eye protection. After a thorough assessment of your requirements and a personal consultation, individual solutions are drawn up which in turn result in productive work. You will of course receive the relevant forms so that your employees can be further assisted by one of our Optician Partners. Our PPE specialists are listed under


 Strength classes

Determining the strength class is one of the most important factors in the decision-making process for safety eyewear and frames. Depending on what kind of work will be done and the environment it will be done in, the choice for safety eyewear is divided into the strength classes of “S” and “F”. The corresponding strength class should be determinedwith the help of a specialist, if possible.


Mechanical strength “S”

“S” is lower in strength than “F” and is generally not suitable for mechanical work.

Drop test with a steel ball: diameter 22 mm, weight 46 g, falling speed at least 5.1 m/s.


Mechanical strength “F”

“F” is stronger than “S” and is suitable for mechanical work.

Firing test with a steel ball: diameter 6 mm, weight 0.86 g, speed at least. 45 m/s.

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