UNIvaria ProClean and Eco
Ready-to-wear progressive reading glasses according to EN 166,
mechanical strength "F"

Full vision from up close to far away.

Why choose UniVaria?

For most of us it starts between our 35th and 45th birthday: the ability of our eye’s lens to accommodate differing distances decreases (i.e. our ability to quickly focus at certain viewing distances). This is usually a slow and subtle process. You often first become aware of it when you have to hold the newspaper, menu or a recipe a little further away each time to read the small print clearly - until one day your arm just isn’t long enough. We call this “Presbyopia”(presbyopia). 

With our ready-to-wear progressive reading glasses UNIvaria ProClean and Eco we solve the problem of our arms not being long enough and offer and offer viewing comfort in HD quality for the reading range. The progressive design specially developed for this purpose with around 27,000 calculation points provides a smooth transition from the corrected reading range to the uncorrected long range. That is how you do away with changing reading glasses and safety eyewear. With UniVaria ProClean and Eco  you have safety eyewear that also helps you to read at close range.

Minimise your risk of an accident when doing everyday things.

Progressive lens Trivex 1.53
Irrespective of how they are finished, all protective glasses made out of Trivex, as well as polycarbonate lenses, have the mechanical strength class “F”. They can be used in mechanical and chemical operations.

Ophthalmic lenses made from Trivex have excellent optical properties. Compared . They arevery light and yet extremely hard-wearing. As a result of its high impact and tensile strength, Trivex is being used more and more in the area of occupational safety. Moreover, ophthalmic lenses made from Trivex also protect the eyes against harmful UV radiation.

Bild Dioptrien 820

Available in the reading viewing strengths: Additions: 1.50 / 2.00 / 2.50

The finishing packages

  • UNIvaria Eco Basic Package, which includes the high quality hard coating. Safety eyewear in particular is exposed to heavy mechanical stresses on a daily basis. The eyeglass lenses can be damaged by dust, dirt or other particles - even while being cleaned. A hard layer makes the lenses scratch-resistant, making this hard layer essential for safety eyewear.

  • UNIvaria ProClean the Top Finishing Package consists of the hard coating, super anti-reflection coating and the cleaning coating. So in return you get the best all-round protection and a long service life. The lenses are extremely hard, non-reflective and easy to clean.


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The antireflective long-term safety goggles Pro

The Antireflex- (AR) line range is for all spectacle wearers who value comfortable wear. The  Pro- line has special anti-reflection coating that prevents the eye from being dazzled by reflected light. By applying the anti-reflection coating, we can filter 98% of this interference, allowing the wearer to work without getting disturbed or fatigued.

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